Intuition for Business Workshop

Activate your intuitive secret weapon

Intuition isn't a gift—it's your business's secret weapon.

Picture this: seamlessly attracting clients, eliminating unproductive tasks, and possessing profound insights into your business, from sales to marketing to innovation.

Join us in an immersive 2.5-hour workshop, where we don't just discuss intuition—we actively fine-tune it. Together, we'll delve into exercises and techniques designed for immediate application.

What You'll Learn:


Mastering Intuition

Techniques to tap into and sharpen your intuitive edge and how it can be used in all aspects of your business: sales, revenue strategy, marketing, innovation, and fundraising.


Mind-Body-Energy Alignment

Learn to access the most effective mind-body state to receive the strongest and clearest intuitive insights


Unveil Hidden Information

Master the skill of detecting and utilizing the vast array of unseen information and data constantly at your disposal


Your intuitive signature

Discover how intuition uniquely communicates with you. (It's not just "your gut!")


Become a Truth/Lie Detector

Recognize your internal compass, guiding every decision with clarity. Know when to stop, start, or pause business ideas, strategies or actions. Identify who is worth your time and who might be leading you astray. Know how to feel truths and lies.


How to Read Energies

Learn how to discern and navigate the underlying energies of people and situations. More quickly determing red flags that waste your time, energy and money and more toward those that will work in flow.


Intuitive Business Strategy

Practice gaining clarity for specific questions, situations, and issues you are wondering about now. Learn how intuitive business solutions bring more fun, joy, and outcomes on your business or entrepreneurial journey.

As we explore, bring along specific business challenges you're grappling with. Our goal? To ensure you leave not just informed, but transformed, ready to prosper in business and life with intuition as your guiding star.

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