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Paradigm Shift isn't just a buzzword...

it's actually happening

Business, Finance, and ESG models are changing, and will continue to do so over the coming years

New models are forming.

A parallel path is being built for business, finance, & humanity

Let's build the Next Paradigm

It's time to think beyond ESG

The Next Paradigm Fund is an example strategy and framework for where we can be headed, not where we've been. It includes regenerative business models, exponential decarbonisation, circular systems design, and rapid community development for both refugee and climate migrations.

In this video we'll explore a new paradigm of financial modeling, portfolio strategy and selection process, all while creating a blueprint to optimise human performance and holistic alpha that other funds ignore.

Go beyond a Circular Economy

Check out this video that shares a systems design for clean energy, food, water detoxification, improved soil and animal health, and multiple levels of decarbonisation...all from one waste stream.

Kate is a unique bridge to the next business, impact and economic paradigm

Part futurist, part finance strategist, and part human behavior specialist, Kate shares a upgraded framework for business, finance, and regenerative economics

Kate's Speaking, Training, and Clients include the United Nations, The World Economic Forum, JP Morgan, Net Impact, Stanford University, ClearRock Capital, Blackrock, and more.

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"Kate's Framework for our Economy is Genius"

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