Paradigm Shift isn't just a buzzword...

it's actually happening

Business, Finance, and Institutional Models are collapsing, and will continue to do so over the coming years

New Models are forming.

A parallel path is being built for business, communities, & financial systems

Advancements in the Neuroscience of Consciousness are optimizing business results & human performance like never before

Let's build the Next Paradigm

Explore an investment framework that takes us where we're headed, not where we've been. Watch this video to see how funds can develop an upgraded financial model, portfolio strategy, and selection process, all while creating a blueprint for human performance that other funds ignore. 

Kate is a unique bridge to the next business, impact and economic paradigm

Part futurist, part finance strategist, and part human behavior specialist, Kate shares a upgraded framework for business, finance, and regenerative economics

Kate's Speaking, Training, and Clients include the United Nations, The World Economic Forum, JP Morgan, Net Impact, Stanford University, ClearRock, Blackrock, and more.

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Explore what types of business & Investment Models can be activated to succeed in the Next Paradigm. Understand how advancements in neuroscience can catalyze business and human performance to achieve a level of holistic success we've never experienced before.

VC, PE, and ESG funds will only partially get us where we need to be.

The Next Paradigm Fund fills in critical gaps

The Next Paradigm Fund Strategy is a framework for business, finance, and systems innovation. A robust, sovereign, and multi-revenue model is built into the Fund model to catalyze solutions, reimagine capital, and turn assets that are currently perceived to have no value into revenue streams.  Examine financial models, portfolio selection, and new levels of human performance that will ensure a profitable, purposeful, and resilient economy.

There's more to business performance that what we see on the surface

Companies, funds, and strategies are addicted to data and analysis, but there are critical inputs being overlooked.   When in comes to human performance, we've only scratched the surface. Learn how neuroscientific methods can help us boost results and efficiency 95% more while facilitating teamwork, projects that go smoothly, holistic growth, and resiliency during rapidly changing times.

"Kate's Framework for our Economy is Genius"

-Don B, former director of White House Communications

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