The Full Spectrum Economy

Paradigm Shift Isn't Just a Buzzword, It's Actually Happening.


Business frameworks are rapidly changing. 

We are experiencing underlying catalytic shifts, even if you can't see them on the surface.


Our markets, business models, and investing outcomes will not continue as they are today.


Sustainability only sustains, we must rebuild and renew as a Regenerative and Circular Economy.


Innovative changemakers are learning to go beyond reason and logic to solve our greatest challenges. 

Kate is a unique bridge to the upgraded business, impact and economic paradigm

Kate's Speaking, Training, and Clients include the United Nations, The World Economic Forum, JP Morgan, Net Impact, Stanford University, ClearRock, Blackrock, and more.

Part futurist, part future of finance strategist, part human conscious evolution specialist, Kate has a unique lense that blends economic development, human behavior, and regenerative economies. With deep experience driving holistic frameworks for impact, business, and entrepreneurship in emerging markets, Kate integrates 10 years of expertise on how the core of human behavior, emotional intelligence, and the neuroscience of consciousness affects business and economic outcomes.

Kate shares the benefits of a regenerative economy and has created an unprecedented framework on how to maximize human perception and untapped intelligence to improve decision making and next level innovation.  

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Workshops & Keynotes for Business, Impact, and Economic Development 

Why Regenerative Is the New Sustainable

Sustainable only sustains, it doesn't replenish or renew. Sustainability is not enough during this critical time, and it doesn't really exist as a financial model. Business and investment solutions must become regenerative. Learn how our financial, business, and investment models can mimic natural systems that have flourished much longer than those that are man-made. 

Unveil the Hidden Factors of Business & Investment Deals 

There's more to business and investments than what we see on paper. One must go beyond proformas and projections and get the full picture of human behavior to minimize risk. Learn about the hidden factors and deep rooted aspects of human behavior that can make or break the potential of an investment, company, or deal.  

See and understand what others don't.

You have access to a level of Full Spectrum Intelligence that exponenitally outweighs logic, reasoning, and even big data analytics. Learn how to sense and solve problems before they arise, undertstand the hidden factors of for rock solid decision making, & maximize your strategies & impact using Kate's practical training.

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