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Kate uniquely combines the power of intuition and neuroscience to help executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals outpace their competition and fast-track their goals.

Discover proven neuroscientific techniques that decodes limitations and aligns your brain & behaviors to your desired outcomes

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Meet Kate.

Kate combines her extensive expertise as an intuitive, specialist in behavioral neuroscience, and businesswoman to offer a unique blend of skills. With more than 14 years of experience, she has been a leading facilitator in intuitive development, neuroscience, energy psychology, and enhancing human performance.

As the founder of ReCode, Kate employs research-backed neuroscientific methods designed to reprogram the mind, unlocking its potential to overcome stress and limitations. She facilitates targeted protocols to ensure the brain's default programming naturally aligns with our chosen goals, optimizing performance and facilitating success.

Recognized for her unique approach to intuitive development, Kate devised her pragmatic intuition workshop based on 15 years of expertise, training, and personal experiences. She's spearheaded global initiatives, undertaking projects in multi-national settings armed mostly with her intuition. These endeavors often defied conventional expectations, achieving results in record time.

Through her guidance, many have learned to sense and solve problems before they arise, accelerated fundraising and sales processes, and achieved innovative insights that surpass conventional strategic thinking.

Kate has had the privilege of speaking at, collaborating with, and training for renowned organizations in the entrepreneurial, finance, and global impact ecosystem, such as the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, JP Morgan, Blackrock, Draper University, Startup Weekend, Stanford University, NetImpact, Women’s Investing Circles, Keller Williams, and a range of global entrepreneurial groups and businesses.

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