Be the most perceptive person in the room

Activate your intuitive superpower to accelerate your path

Most humans miss 95% of the information available around them 

There's so much more to business and life than we see on the surface. Even the most sophisticated professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives can get blindsided. We've been trained to use our logical minds, but there's a vast realm of invisible information and intelligence that sees the bigger picture.

Humans are born with an innate ability to sense more, but many miss the signals, then resent the choice later. Like a dolphin with sonar or an IoT device "pinging the cloud," activating your Intuition and your Full Spectrum Intelligence can be your most valuable business and strategic asset.

Unveil the unknown unknowns. Access the invisible information that can improve your outcomes

Sense and Solve problems before they arise. Expand your perception for maximum results

Stop decisions that waste time and money. Know which actions and path to take.

Kate offers Workshops, Private Sessions, & Keynotes

Intuition isn't a's a muscle. You were born with it. Activating your Intuition and your "Full Spectrum Intelligence" is easier than you might think. You just need the right tools, the right guide, and some practice. 

Learn how to get a 360 degree perspective on important decisions, how to read the subtle energy of a meeting, person, or situation, and how to notice red flags early and often.

Speaking Topics

Make the Invisible Known and Get Ahead of the Curve

Learn to access your intuition and full spectrum intelligence, and tangibly apply it to any type of decision, strategy, or product innovation. Kate's practical framework catalyzes holistic decision making and enhanced awareness that you can use immediately to catapult your business.

Unveil the Hidden Factors of Investment Deals 

Go beyond what's on paper, spreadsheets, and projections to minimize risk and see what you can't see. Learn about the hidden factors and deep rooted aspects of human behavior that can either make or break and outcome of an investment, company, or deal.  

How Conscious Evolution affects the New Economy

With the rapid approach of AI, automation, workforce displacement, and machine learning, what is the role of human conscious evolution? Go beyond the woo and learn why higher levels of consciousness can become one of our greatest economic assets.

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"In evaluating potential additions to our investment portfolio, we collaborated with Kate to delve into the 'unknown unknowns.' Thankfully, she revealed concealed behaviors of a company's CEO—behaviors that, if not addressed, could have led to catastrophic outcomes and significant financial losses.". 

--- Confidential Client, Global Investment Firm

"Kate has taught me to expand my intelligence, intuition, and reach higher levels of consciousness. It has resulted in catapulting my sales, eliminating what as wasting my time, and dramatically reducing my stress." 

--- Michael, Best-Selling Coach and Author

"Kate's workshop on intuition was one of the most valuable I've experienced in our program" 

--- Nithin V, Draper University

Intuition for Business Workshop

Activate your intuitive intelligence

Intuition isn't a gift—it's your business's secret weapon.

Picture this: seamlessly attracting clients, eliminating unproductive tasks, and possessing profound insights into your business, from sales to marketing to innovation.

Join us in an immersive 3-hour workshop, where we don't just discuss intuition—we actively fine-tune it. Together, we'll delve into exercises and techniques designed for immediate application.

What You'll Learn:


Mastering Intuition

Techniques to sharpen your intuitive edge and why it can catalyze all aspects of your business: sales, revenue strategy, marketing, innovation, and fundraising.


Mind-Body-Energy Alignment

Learn to access the most effective mind-body state to receive the strongest and clearest intuitive insights


Unveil Hidden Information

Master the skill of detecting and utilizing the vast array of unseen information and data constantly at your service


Your Intuitive Signature

Discover how your intuition uniquely communicates with you. (It's not just your "gut!")


Become a Truth/Lie Detector

Recognize your internal compass, guiding every decision with clarity. Know when to stop, start, or pause business ideas, strategies or actions. Identify who is worth your time and who might be leading you astray. Learn how to feel truths and lies.


How to Read Energies

Learn how to discern and navigate the underlying energies of people. meetings, and situations. More quickly determine what might waste your time, energy and money and move toward situations that will be in flow.


Intuitive Business Strategy

Practice gaining clarity for specific questions, situations, and issues you are wondering about now. Learn how intuitive business solutions bring more fun and better outcomes on your business or entrepreneurial journey.

As we explore, bring along specific business challenges you're grappling with. Our goal? To ensure you leave not just informed, but transformed, ready to prosper in business and life with your intuition as your guiding star.

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