Code your Mind

to get what you want

Hyper-Targeted Mindset Conditioning

Many people aren't using all their brainpower.

We're taught to use logic to make decisions

and willpower to reach our goals.

But actually, there's a segment of our brain that is

1 Million times more potent; a supercomputer governing

the majority of our habits, actions, and behaviors.*

At ReCode, we apply neuroscientific

techniques to enhance this cerebral powerhouse.

Our approach reconfigures your neural code

and subconscious, removing hidden beliefs,

fears, doubts, and stress that hijack your results,

and align your brain to achieve the results you desire.

*Richard Restack, PhD, Neurologist, author of The Naked Brain

Transform your business and life faster with ReCode's Advanced Mindset Sessions

Setting & Achieving


Reach your goals faster by recoding beliefs, behaviors, and habits

Building resiliency and innovation

Adapt in an ever-changing market and unlock better solutions

Exceeding Sales & Fundraising Targets

Code your mind to outperform what you believe is attainable

Complete projects and deals on time

Minimize last minute breakdowns and optimize efficiency

Fostering an invincible and growth mindset

Efficiently overcome barriers, perceived limitations, chaos, and stress

Hyper Effective Time Management

Mitigate distractions and unproductive habits. Code your mind for productivity

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"I contacted Kate at ReCode because we weren't having any luck getting funding for our startup. Coming from a successful family, I wasn't aware I had mental blocks about raising money. Within 72 hours of my session, we landed our first investor.

-Brian J, Los Angeles, California

"Working with Kate at ReCode allowed me to take a new path and make choices for myself instead of what others expected me to do. I finally got the guts to start a business based on my skills, interests, and passions, and hired a great team. I feel better than ever.

- Scott, Investment Banking, NYC

"These methods are the simplest way to change a subconscious program"

Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of "The Biology of Belief"


A ReCode Session can address fulfilling any of your personal and professional aspirations

We can also alleviate stress related to past, present or future experiences

If you're uncertain about where to begin, here are some prevalent themes and patterns you may be encountering to help guide you.

Are you preparing for an important pitch, meeting, or presentation?

  • Recode your mind for a confident, commanding presence
  • Improve your ability to close the deal
  • Remove any fear or anxiety
  • Imprint the trust and beliefs you need to answer questions with ease & negotiate effectively
I want to Nail the Pitch
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A session focused on coding your mind for increased revenue and fundraising:

  • Create the programming you need to fundraise effectively, increase sales & cashflow
  • Unleash creativity and generate additional revenue models
  • Remove blocks, beliefs, or any stress from the past related to money or business failures

Are you always fixing problems or putting out fires?

If so, this session is for you:

  • Identify and resolve internal and external stressors, surprises, and obstacles
  • Mitigate unforeseen roadblocks
  • Stop the pattern of having to "fix" things. Instead recode for tasks, projects, and business to go more smoothly

If you are looking to start a new path in life, career, or business, this session is for you

  • Code your mind for the confidence you need to take a leap, own your gifts, & reduce fear

  • Recode for feeling safe in taking risks, for being recognized for your value, and for knowing which steps to take
  • Program yourself for success in your new endeavor

If you're fed up with sacrificing your time, energy, and needs for others....this session is for you. 

  • If you feel overworked and under-appreciated, code for your ability to land the right clients, partners, bosses, and companies

  • Put yourself first. Prioritize your needs so that you are living a happier, healthier, and more balanced life

For those wanting to maximize their impact.

If you're involved in social or environmental change, ESG, or climate solutions, book this session to ensure your actions and decisions create the better world you're trying to build.

  • Remove frustration, stress, or perceived failure that comes with being a change-maker
  • Code your mind for funding, leadership skills, and your ability to generate meaningful change
  • Create a cohesive team and activate default behaviors that align people, planet, profit, and purpose.

Are you continually triggered by a person, a job, a situation, certain politics, or global events?

If so, you can recalibrate your brain to ensure that such triggers no longer impact your mood, your day, or your happiness.

  • Every trigger you encounter serves as a chance to reset and stabilize your brain, helping you avoid ongoing feelings of frustration, anger, or irritation
  • Remove the trigger & it's negative response
  • Proceed calmly, regardless of whether the individual is present or the situation resurfaces

Transform your stress and be at peace, no matter what has happened.

In this session, we concentrate on alleviating any stress or trauma you've encountered, either in the past or currently. We harmonize your brain to lessen its effects.

Start with a clear neurological foundation to avoid the repetition of lingering stress or trauma.

Start fresh.

"I felt a calling to change my career, but something was holding me back. Within minutes, Kate identified a specific belief that stemmed from my childhood, one that was preventing me from trying something new. She was spot on. After her help in shifting the belief, I was able to explore my new professional calling."

—Carolyn, Columbus OH

“I approached Kate because I was unhappy in my job and felt like my boss didn't recognize my value, no matter what I did. Within 5 weeks of working with Kate, I found a new job at a company where my ideas and skills, and potential are valued. It feels fantastic.

—Tim, Investment Banker VP, NYC

“Working with Kate has helped me to expand my brainpower. My sales have increased, I eliminated what was wasting my time, and I have dramatically reduced my stress.”

—Michael S, Executive Coach & Author, Los Angeles, California

My life has always been some version of controlled chaos. I never made time for myself, and things always seemed to fall through at the last minute. I had no idea that part of my brain was involved in this pattern. After working with Kate I now have more time for myself, and my company completes projects with fewer roadblocks.

- David B, NY, NY

One session with Kate cleared up months of anxiety and confusion when our company was at a crossroads. I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders and was confident in exactly what I had to do. 

—Andy S, Chief Revenue Officer, VR Tech, Texas

What code do you want to be running?

Old Code

Revenue, Sales, & Fundraising

  • Big deals are harder and take longer close
  • We never seem have enough cashflow
  • Clients never pay on time
  • Getting new clients takes long
  • Our investors are greedy or controlling

Management, Execution, Teams

  • I can't trust others to do the job right
  • It's hard to inspire my team
  • I'm always putting out fires
  • I'm not sure if I'm doing it right
  • I don't get the respect I deserve
  • I'm stressed, overworked, and never have enough time

Marketing & communications

  • It's hard to communicate our value proposition in a crowded market
  • People don't seem to follow my directions or understand what I'm trying to say


  • I'm not enough
  • I'm tired from so many setbacks
  • I'm not sure if I have what it takes


  • We can't make money and do good

New Code

Revenues, Sales, and Fundraising

  • Big deals are easy to close quickly
  • We always have more cash than we need
  • Clients always pay on time
  • Landing new clients happens quickly
  • We only attract fair, supportive, investors

Leadership, Management, & Teams

  • I trust others to do the job right
  • It's easy to inspire my team
  • Everything goes smoothly
  • I always know what to do
  • I always get the respect I deserve
  • I'm happy, fulfilled, and always have more than enough time

Marketing & Communications

  • It's easy to communicate our value proposition and we stand out in the market
  • I communicate clearly and it's easy for others to follow my directions


  • I'm enough
  • The path is clear from setbacks
  • I have what it takes to succeed


  • It's easy to make money and do good


1. When can I see results occur in my life?

Sometimes results happen instantly.  However, other times the outward result may take longer.  If you code for a new job, starting a company, or raising funding, you still have to go through the work. 

2. This sounds too good to be true, does it really work?

Methods used at ReCode have been developed for over 20 years by leading experts in neuroscience and human behavior. These protocols are recommended, endorsed by, and written about by Dr. Bruce Lipton (Ph.D., medical school professor and author of the bestselling book “Biology of Belief”) as the "simplest way to recode a subconscious program you've had your entire life, in a matter of minutes."

3. How Long does a ReCode Last?

They are designed to be permanent, however things in your life may change, as well as additional stressors that can affect the hemispheres of your brain. We can always recode anything that gets out of place.

4. How is this different than executive coaching?

Most executive coaches aren't trained in verifiable methods that recode the levels of the mind. You may set goals, gain clarity on what you want, and benefit from having someone "in your corner", but coaching only affect the conscious level of the mind. It doesn't reprogram your neural code that drives your default behavior.

A ReCODE session can be a great add-on to any coaching you are currently doing to create lasting change and to get your goals faster.

6. How is this different than other methods? (RPT, EMDR, etc)

I am trained in various methods in the realm of energy psychology, neuroscience, & human behavior, but not all of them. I do know that some modalities take much longer to see results, and require hours, days, or months to complete.

Of all the modalities I've learned over the past few decades, I have found this method to be the simplest and most effective.

At the end of the day, when you're ready for lasting change, you will resonate with whatever method is right for you. Go with what you're being drawn to.

7. How is this different than hypnotherapy?

You are fully awake and participate in the process. It is much more specific and hyper-efficient, saving you time, money, and improving your results more quickly. Hypnotherapy can affect the depths or your subconscious, but it is a blanket approach. It doesn’t have the ability to pinpoint which subconscious codes actually exist in your mind, or verify that a change has occurred.

8. I know I'm affected by some situations in my past, but I'm resistant to work on healing them because it's quite painful to think about. I don't want to go 'back there.'

If you're feeling this way, you are not alone. Please know that this process can be simple and not painful. If you're ready to heal, you will resonate with the right method for you.

9. How much does a session cost and how long are they?

Your first ReCode session is 90 minutes at a rate of $300. Subsequent sessions are 60 Minutes at a rate of $250. Sessions can be done in person or remotely over video.

If you would like to host a group of friends, family or colleagues at your home or place of business, contact me for more information.

10. What if I've had a program since childhood or for many years. Does that make it harder to recode?

No. The code is the code. It doesn't matter how long it's been there. Once the code is rewritten, the script is new!

11. Is there anything I need to do before a session?

If you are doing a video session, make sure you are in a quiet and private place where you won't be disturbed. Silence your phone and notifications, and make sure you have good internet reception. Simply come to the session with some thought about what you are frustrated about, and what you want to experience differently in your business or life. I will take it from there.

What would your life look life your

neural code was scripted for what you want?

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