Get the full picture

Life is so much more than what we see on the surface

Schedule a private energy session to understand the invisible factors affecting your business or personal mission

Most humans miss 95% of the information available in the invisible realm 

Even the most sophisticated leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs can get blindsided. We've been trained to cognitively analyze our approach, but the hidden factors and the root of human behaviors that affect business & personal outcomes cannot be ignored.  

A one-on-one energy reading brings to light the full spectrum of invisible information to help you transcend bounded rationality.

It could be just what you need to pivot more effectively, shift whats in the way, move forward with ease, or give you a cutting edge.




As an intuitive guide and expert in reading energy, I help professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives fast track their mission and make decisions from higher levels of consciousness

Over a decade of intuitive business & energy healing expertise

  • Helped thousands of entrepreneurs, executives and professionals access a higher perspective
  • Businesses transformed, fulfilling careers have been created, hidden risks have been prevented, investors found, and more contracts won
  • Frustrating patterns? Cleared. Soul purpose or business mission? Known and Catalyzed. Feeling fulfilled? That too.

In these times of unprecedented change, it's more important than ever to get a higher perspective.

Access the unified field of intelligence to help you pivot & catapult your success in the new economy.

Book a private session for your business, personal mission, or spiritual growth.

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To support our human family during this time of great transition, I am offering private readings through December 2020 without set fees. If you wish to donate, please do so from your heart.

360 degree insight for your business or personal path

  • Clarity on next steps, partnerships, or strategies from a higher perspect
  • How to work better as a team on a personal or soul level
  •  The hidden energetics of partnerships, strategies, or projects 
  •  A simplified roadmap to address challenges
  • How to rise above the chaos
  •  Clarify the right aligned partners, investors, or employees  

X-ray analysis: identify and clear hidden blocks

  • What's going on underneath the situation that may be blocking outcomes
  •  Hidden factors that are affecting your business or team
  •  Understand the unconscious patterns or behaviors that limit results
  • Go beyond what's on paper to minimize risk

Get a higher perspective about this challenging year

2020 has been full of twists, turns, stress, and change. You may be wondering "what the heck is really going on?"

There's a higher perspective to what our world, our human evolution, and our economy is going through at this time. Learn how the core themes and energetic shifts on a collective scale relate to your own life, business, and soul development. Access more internal peace and harmony during this time. Enable a smooth shift in your own experience and for humanity as a whole.

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"Kate has made huge impact on our business. Over the past 6 months, she has been 99% accurate about what's going on behind the scenes, including who and what to look out for.

We were at a plateau for months, trying numerous things to move ahead. With Kate's insight on how our team, engineers, vendors, and investors were affecting each other, we transcended our plateau and got the contracts we needed." 

— Becky S. Aerospace Technology

"Kate taught me to know my true path and helped me make better decisions. I was able to leave an unfulfilling job and start a successful business based on my unique skills and interests. I have less stress and more personal fulfillment than ever before."

- Scott, Investment Banker (New York City, NY)

"I felt a calling to change my career, but something was holding me back. Within minutes, Kate identified a specific event that happened when I was 7, one that created a limiting belief about my place in this world. I wasn't consciously aware of this event as an adult, but I remembered it in hindsight. She was spot on about the whole situation. After her help in shifting the belief, I had the confidence to follow my new professional calling."

- Carolina M, Ohio

Working with Kate has helped me reach higher levels of consciousness. My sales have increased, I was able to eliminate what was wasting my time, and I have dramatically reduced my stress

— Michael S, Executive Coach and Author, California

One session with Kate cleared up months of anxiety and confusion about which path to take when our company was at a crossroads. After our session I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders.

— Andy S, Chief Revenue Officer, VR Tech Company, Texas/SF

Kate has a beautiful and compassionate approach that helps people connect with their spiritual side and personal power. I had a very easy time opening up to her and our time together was monumentally healing.

— Vasi, Social Entrepreneur, San Francisco CA

Hi, I'm Kate.

I'm a unique bridge between the hard core business, impact, and esoteric worlds.  

I didn't grow up with my intuitive abilities. I used to think that stuff was all a bit crazy.

But after a personal development journey that taught me to access my intuition, higher levels of consciousness and the universal field of intelligence, I quickly realized how fast and accurately I was getting messages and insights.

This included clear specific guidance on where to go, who to call, what unseen risks may be lingering under the surface, and what steps to take to follow when feeling this unrelenting calling to make a global impact. I embarked on an international journey where I used my intuitive intelligence and energetic alchemy to accomplish various aspects of my mission to empower economies through impact, innovation, and forward thinking investment strategies.

Using my intuitive guidance I moved to countries I had never been and started businesses in cultures I didn't know. I created social enterprises in sectors with no prior experience. I was hired by global organizations to develop solutions for entrepreneurs, and I helped reshaped revenue models and investor mindsets to be more win-win-win

For the last 10 years I have have deepened my training in intuitive self-healing, energy medicine, energy psychology, human conscious evolution, and the neuroscience of consciousness. I have a knack for showing a higher perspective, quickly getting to the root of a situation, and helping to shift blocks in the quantum field to allow for new possibilities and outcomes. I have also created proven framework that helps people access and tangibly apply their own intuitive guidance for business.

I firmly believe our intuition & natural ability to tap into the superconscious mind is our most powerful tool for business, solving global challenges, and economic development

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