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An exciting shift is here. Our business and investment infrastructure will look quite different in 5-10 years. We will explore new currencies, business strategies, and investment models, while existing frameworks will continue to deconstruct because they are simply out-of-date. I believe there will be global shifts. Some of them will be uncomfortable, some will help, and many will expand. All will be a natural part of the transformative process and upgrade. Some individuals and companies need a crisis to explore new ways or adapt to change, while others choose a more proactive approach. We can implement the next-gen solutions that will meet our current needs, while laying a foundation for the next regenerative paradigm. . Some of these solutions are regenerative and circular, some will go beyond ESG, some will create verifiable natural assets, and many catalyze new jobs and revenues in a circular economy.

Other next paradigm solutions will accelerate what I believe are highly valuable assets at this critical point in history; expanding the power of human capital, getting the the root of behavioral change, and optimizing human potential so we can plan, prepare, and thrive over the next 30 years.

My mission is to partner with visionary firms, funds, and companies who choose the proactive approach.  

About Kate Mulder Kate has been recognized by the World Economic Forum and international media outlets for her pioneering approaches to economic development and impact strategies. With experience as a global entrepreneur, seed investor, ESG and SDG strategic specialist, corporate trainer, and speaker, Kate's passion is making the 'cutting-edge' a reality. Kate has served as special advisor to the Inter-American Development Bank to help build the seed capital ecosystem in LATAM, spearheaded the Center for Global Entrepreneurship, and has driven business development and strategy for numerous startups and social impact companies.  She holds a BS in Biology with emphasis on Behavioral Ecology from Pepperdine University.

Kate has over 10 years of specialized training in human behavior, energy psychology, and neuroscience. Often called the "Real life Wendy Rhodes," she has worked with business and finance executives, investors, and entrepreneurs around the globe to maximize their performance through the neuroscience of consciousness. She believes the convergence of our human evolution combined with regenerative and biomimicry business strategies are critical pillars the next paradigm economy.

Kate currently works with regenerative systems design and circular economy projects that focus on multi-revenue outputs and carbon capture.

Additional clients, projects, and speaking appearances include; The United Nations, The World Economic Forum, JP Morgan, Net Impact, BlackRock, The Feminine Intelligence, The Kauffman Foundation, Women Investing In Women, The Next Web, Draper University, New Economic Thinking Institute, Startup Weekend, and Stanford University.  

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