Be the most perceptive leader in the room

See and know what others don't. Understand the invsible factors that affect business and economic outcomes.

Most humans miss 95% of the information available around them 

There's so much more to business and life than we see on the surface. Even the most sophisticated leaders and investors can get blindsided. We've been trained to cognitively analyze decisions & deals, but the hidden factors and human behaviors that affect business, investments, & strategies cannot be ignored.  

Humans are born with an innate ability to sense more, but many miss the signals, then resent that choice later. Like a dolphin with sonar or a radio antennae finding the news, activating your Full Spectrum Intelligence can be your most valuable asset in it's ability to see what other's don't.

Unveil the unknown unknowns. Access the invisible information that affects outcomes

Sense and Solve problems before they arise. Expand your perception for maximum results

Reduce decisions that end up waste time and money by learning how to read the subtle energy and red flags of situations, clients or partners

Workshops, Private Sessions, & Keynotes

Going beyond your analytical mind and accessing your Full Spectrum Intelligence is easier than you might think. You just need the right tools, the right guide, and some practice. 

Learn how to get a 360 degree perspective on important decisions, how to read the subtle energy of a meeting, person, or situation, and how to notice red flags early and often.

Make the Invisible Known and Get ahead of the Curve

Learn to access your full spectrum intelligence and tangibly apply it to any type of decision, strategy, or product innovation. Kate's practical training catalyzes holistic decision making and enhanced awareness that you can use and from immediately to catapult your business.

Unveil the Hidden Factors of Investment Deals 

Go beyond what's on paper, proformas, and projections to minimize risk and see what you can't see. Learn about the hidden factors and deep rooted aspects of human behavior that can either make or break and outcome of an investment, company, or deal.  

How Conscious Evolution affects the New Economy

With the rapid approach of increase AI, automation, workforce displacement, and machine learning, what is the role of human conscious evolution? Go beyond the woo and learn why consciousness can become one of our greatest economic assets.

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"Working with Kate has taught me to know my true path, resulting in better decisions. I was able to leave an unfulfilling job and start a successful business based on my unique skills and interests. I have less stress and more personal fulfillment than ever before."

" When assessing new deals for our investment portfolio, we worked with Kate to assess the "unknown unknowns." We were thankful when Kate uncovered hidden behaviors of a Company's CEO that if left unchecked could have resulted in disaster and potentially a loss of millions. 

-- Scott A, Former JP Morgan VP

--- Confidential Client, Global Investment Firm

"Kate has taught me to expand my intelligence, intuition, and reach higher levels of consciousness. It has resulted in catapulting my sales, eliminating what as wasting my time, and dramatically reducing my stress." 

--- Michael, Best-Selling Coach and Author